Giving Back

Hi I'm Rachel :)

     My goal has always been to spread positivity and kindness. I not only want to build a good life for myself, but I want to make a difference. When I was 15 years old I received news that changed everything about my life. Because of this I am determined to achieve everything I set my mind to. 

     In 2016, my mom was diagnosed with a rare, stage 4 cancer. From 2016-2019 she received many different treatments around the country. Due to the rarity of her cancer, she had to receive specialized treatment from one of the best cancer centers in the country. Requiring our family to travel from Green Bay, WI to Houston, TX frequently. Many plane tickets, hotel rooms, and Uber drives. The only way our family survived was through the incredible generosity of complete strangers. 

     My uncles work for a company that travels a lot. They spread the word around the company and so many people donated their points to assist my mom's journey to treatment. Including one person who donated enough points to completely cover my mom's 6 week stay in a Houston hotel. This blind generosity has always completely shocked me to my core. I can never thank those people enough for how much they helped us. They never knew my mom, my dad, or me but they knew we were in need and gave up so much for us.  

     To put in perspective, my uncles colleagues travel so much for work they have accumulated enough points to go on multiple FREE vacations with their family. The fact that they sacrificed that for a stranger has never gone unnoticed with me. 

     Since then my dream has been to open a foundation in my mom's name to help pay for travel expenses associated with receiving cancer treatment out of state. Not only is the cancer treatment extremely expensive and emotionally draining for the patient and their family. But the associated expenses add up quick. My goal is that no family has to worry about the ability to get to their treatment location. 

     I don't have the funds or connections to start my own foundation yet, so I am starting a donation program which will donate a percentage of profits to the American Cancer Society: Hope Lodge. They provide free housing to families receiving out of state cancer treatment. They are doing great work and I love supporting something that hits so close to home. Until I can create my mom's foundation I am honored to be supporting the Hope Lodge to help families in need. 

     My end goal is to donate as much as I can, while still maintaining a successful business. As I grow this company and we grow as a community I will increase the percentage of profits that is donated each month. I will start by donating 10% of all profits each month and hopefully increase the percentage as high as possible. 


With love, Rachel & Gus 🐾