Hi! I’m Rachel and I’m glad you’re here.


     I am the creator of ShopRBV. I started this small business initially as a hobby. I started selling on Etsy for fun while I was in college. It was a good form of income for me at the time, but I slowly started to want more. I wanted to turn my hobby into a full-blown business that I could do full time. 

     Creating this business has allowed me to express my creativity (which I never thought I had) while also promoting things I care about. I have a degree in psychology and am currently perusing my masters in forensic psychology. I have always and will always be an advocate for mental illness and mental health awareness. I struggle with my own mental health and want to debunk stereotypes while building a supportive community.

     ShopRBV offers sizes S-4XL (some items up to 5XL) because I believe in size inclusivity. I want everyone to feel welcome and loved within this online community. I am an LGBTQIA+ ally, feminist, dog mom, and Halloween obsessed person who strives to spread kindness and positivity.

     I am also seriously obsessed with my dog, Gus. He is my only "full time" employee. You've probably seen him many time on the social pages. For more updates on us or this business you can follow us on Instagram, Tiktok, and Youtube @ShopRBV.  

     Thanks for getting to know us!! I hope that you stick around and find something you love on the website or socials :) 


Rachel & Gus