My weight fluctuates frequently and I hate the feeling of not being able to find my size, fit into clothes, or having to pay extra for a bigger size. Because of that I will never make my beautiful customers feel that way. I offer as many sizes as my manufacturer allows, usually sizes S-5XL. I will NEVER charge extra for bigger sizes, I'd rather eat that cost myself. All sizes are beautiful.


    During my mother's cancer treatment I experienced more generosity from others than I ever expected. Because of this I have decided to give back to a new community every month. As my business grows, I plan to increase the percentage of the profits donated each month. The selected charity will always be listed at the top of the website.


    As someone who struggles with 3 anxiety disorders, depression, and a list of TBD symptoms I understand what it feels like to be different. I have always believed in mental health awareness, even more so now that I am getting my master's in psychology. I love supoorting my neurospicy friends through my products. I hope we can all support each other and our delulu brains :P

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